2019-20 TRYOUTS





November 2nd

November 2nd

November 10th

November 10th





@Clovis High

@Clovis High

@Clovis High

@Clovis High

* 15/16 Parent Meeting at 10:00

** 17 Parent Meeting at 12:30

Tryout Info

1.  Check in will open 45 minutes before tryout start time.  

2.  Must have either USA Volleyball Full Membership or USA Volleyball Tryout Pass (see below).

     *Bring your membership/tryout pass card with you to tryouts

3.  Tsunami tryout fee $20 (Pay Pal or cash only at the door.  NO CHECKS)

4.  Tsunami tryouts are open to everyone, you do not have to attend a Clovis High Area school.

USA Volleyball Membership Info

All players attending tryouts(with any club) must have one of the following:

  • USA Volleyball Full Membership ($70.00) Good for all Tryouts and Full Season


  • USA Volleyball Tryout pass ($20.00). Tryout passes are good for all tryouts that a player attends. Tryout passes do not extend past tryouts, once tryouts are completed you will need to pay the full $70.00 for a full membership.


To attend tryouts, you need to register online with NCVA. To register for the Full or Tryout membership:

1) Go to www.ncva.com

2) Scroll to bottom of home page and select “Register As A Member”

3) Select New or Renewing Member(played last year)

If a new member, begin completing the form

If a renewing member, enter your login and select renew online

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